Councillor Dixon’s attacks on the Labour Party are untruthful

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In reply to Councillor Dixon, the Labour Party is not institutionally anti-Semetic as he states in his letter.

Knowing many Jewish people in Sunderland, as he states, does not give him the right or knowledge to claim that the three sitting MPs of Sunderland are phobic in any form.

There may be an extremely small amount of Labour Party members who profess the beliefs he complains about, and that is wrong.

The vast majority of Labour members and supporters find this distasteful, and would not offer their support to anyone expressing such opinions.

People like Councillor Dixon, legally elected, seem to cause umbrage at every opportunity they can in local politics, and to local people.

Councillor Dixon represents a small number of the voters in Sunderland and, with others of his ilk, often spends his time campaigning against any good for the whole of the area he alleges to care for.

His votes are a public record. Unfortunately, this will always remain the case, as long as some voters in Sunderland continue to forget where they live or their heritage.

Attacks against Labour politicians in this area are commonplace, but this does not mean they are truthful.

Councillor Dixon is part of a Political party that has got this country both in the past, and presently, in a situation that is making us a laughing stock globally.

Take responsibility for that, and stop using insults and tirade as your most common input to any political debate.

Arthur Oxley