Conservative’s priority is cleaner streets for the Barnes area

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The Barnes Conservatives are concerned by the declining state of our streets.

As a small business owner in the ward, I have watched this decline occur on Labour’s watch over recent years. I am especially concerned about the Chester Road and Eden Vale areas. The streets are dirtier and littered with rubbish. Dog fouling is a major issue. Fly-tipping goes unnoticed. The bin men leave our community dirtier than they found it.

While I believe that individuals are responsible for their own actions and should tidy up after themselves, our councillors should also play a part.

I am pleased to see that the Conservatives’ Antony Mullen has begun tackling these issues since he was elected in May.

He has challenged the bin men who leave rubbish on our streets, had numerous fly-tipping sites cleaned, and the ABC streets will soon have new anti-dog fouling signage because of him.

That is why I am standing to be Barnes’ next Conservative Councillor. I believe that we need more opposition voices to tackle Labour’s mess and restore pride in our area. Cleaner streets are my priority. I want to help people to take control of our community.

In May, I hope the people of Barnes will empower me to empower them.

That is why we have set up the Barnes Residents’ Association – so the people of Barnes can be heard.

Follow the Sunderland Conservatives on Facebook or contact Coun Mullen for details of our first meeting.

Helen Greener,

Barnes Conservatives