Comments made by Liberal Democrat Malcolm Bond are unfair

I would like to thank Mr Bond, of the Liberal Democrats, for his letter dated February 14 in relation to the Sunderland Conservatives’ position on the building of executive homes.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 9:14 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 9:18 am

It may be useful for readers to know that Mr Bond has stood for council in the ward of Fulwell in the past with little success. Perhaps this is because residents can see through the numerous untruths that Mr Bond and his colleagues propagate on an increasing basis.

Indeed, the new claim is that the Conservatives’ rational call for executive housing to attract professionals and investment into the city means that green field sites will inevitably be built on. This is disingenuous, Mr Bond, especially given our group track record of fighting against the West Park development and of course the current seafront proposals, which I myself have been fighting, most recently by way of a letter to the Secretary of State.

This may very well be the only leg the liberals have to stand on in Fulwell, given their non-existent presence in the ward; the line printed on a leaflet of theirs declaring ‘Lib Dems – Working hard all year round’ is laughable given that, as a resident of Fulwell myself, it is the first leaflet I have received from them in over a year.

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This sophistical culture seems to be endemic in the liberal group, given that Mr Bond landed himself in hot water last year when he accused Coun George Howe of voting for a proposal on a committee he is not even a member of.

Nice try, Mr Bond, but you really should stop misrepresenting the views of others in your obvious attempt to score petty political points.

James Doyle,

Fulwell Conservatives