Converting Nerf gun goggles into cycling glasses - Sky News presenter Jayne Secker continues coast to coast preparations

It turns out doing lots of hills makes your legs quite sore… plus after picking the third fly out off my eye I have realised I am woefully under equipped.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 4:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 2:32 pm
Jayne Secker on the second week of her training.
Jayne Secker on the second week of her training.

In need of some cycling glasses I ‘repurpose’ a pair of the children safety goggles that they use with their Nerf guns. They are excellent apart from the fact that they look ridiculous and steam up when I get hot. Given that I am cycling in the height of summer it happens quite frequently.

I have also found a high viz jacket to wear following the close encounter with the lorry up my first hill. The driver either didn’t see me or was a very bad assassin - I’m assuming the former.

My final safety precaution are some lights on my bike. Even though I am cycling in daylight, I’d be quite happy to festoon it with fairy lights if it meant cars would give me a wide berth I settle for a flashing front and rear light and decide against one of those tiny flags on a tall pole.

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Flying along past the fields on a sunny afternoon is idyllic.Travelling higher up and at a slower pace gives you an elevated view of the world.

A flash of wild poppies, a red kite, my neighbours little wooden gnome tucked behind their house signs - these had all gone unnoticed until now.

I drive these roads every day but there is so much I have never seen.

Also unnoticed by me usually is the immense amount of rubbish tipped onto the roadsides: drinks cans, food wrappers, and crisp packets all pepper the hedgerows. Why do people think it’s fine to just chuck them out of their windows? Who do they imagine will come and pick them up?

But any irritation fades as I climb up and onto the less travelled smaller roads.

I am higher than the hedgerows and I can literally see for miles. I am rewarded with some stunning views of the Surrey Hills.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for fine weather…. I am very aware that this new adventure would not be nearly as much fun if the cumbrian weather decides not to smile on us.

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