BBC bosses need to get their act together on pay or face a sonic surprise they won’t forget in a hurry

The BBC pay list was revealed yesterday, with Chris Evans at the top.
The BBC pay list was revealed yesterday, with Chris Evans at the top.
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The Beeb has revealed that its stars get paid a lot of money.

In other news, the Pope is a catholic and you won’t be surprised to hear what bears do in the woods.

Had the BBC list of top earners revealed that Chris Evans earned a fiver over the minimum wage there’d still be irate TV licence payers kicking off.

That said, finding out the ginger Top Gear failure and Radio 2 DJ raked in more than £2million at the licence payers’ expense was never going to greeted with a round of applause.

There are few of the BBC’s top earners that will escape the wrath of the public. And pointing out that these big name presenters earn far less than many high rollers on other independent TV stations won’t wash with majority.

Ant and Dec, James Corden and Simon Cowell do not have their snouts in the public trough, they are fed via the hands of the advertisers.

Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the new Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the new Doctor.

Revealing the BBC list of top earners is a good move. It’s our money being spent, so we have a right to know where it is going. It is, however, unlikely to see wages cut anytime soon, but it may see other, less well paid BBC employees, demanding a pay rise. Namely the women!

The huge disparity between what men and women are paid at the BBC is of huge concern.

There are no women in the top seven best-paid stars at the BBC. Claudia Winkleman, she of Strictly fame, sneaks in at number 8, but still only gets less than a quarter of Mr Evans’ pay packet.

Talent is, of course, subjective, but the lack of women in the list and the wage disparity between male and female presenters doing essentially the same job is shameful. Something needs to be done to redress the balance, and swiftly.

Pay cuts for the men? More jobs for the girls? The BBC is going to have its work cut out over the next few months.

The appointment of the new Doctor Who is a good start - we only hope Jodie Whittaker is on the same wage afforded to Mr Capaldi.

If not, Tony Hall, the embattled director general of the BBC, may be making an embarrassing trip to hospital to have a sonic screwdriver removed from a sensitive part of his anatomy.