Alison Goulding: Sweet summer memories

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DID you make the most of the fantastic weather at the weekend?

I didn’t, though not by choice. For some unknown reason I took a funny turn on Saturday and ended up being violently sick before sleeping for the entire day. If I was prime minister I would make it illegal to be ill on beautiful, sunny weekends which should be devoted to frolicking about and barbecues.

That said it made me realise how lucky I am. My boyfriend was the best possible nurse and kept me fully supplied with lucozade and made sure I didn’t die by accident. I felt horrible keeping him inside with the sun cracking the pavement but he didn’t complain once. On Sunday I felt a bit better and we did make it up to Beadnell beach for some fresh air and a little walk. The lobster pots were stacked up on the harbour and the kite surfers were out in force. I’m not very well travelled but I do think we have a beautiful coastline here in the North East.

Last week, we did a fashion shoot on Roker beach, again with glorious weather, and I felt the same thing. The guys who work at the Council depot down there were very helpful and even pulled out two of the old-fashioned tents from their store room so the models could change in privacy (as they were all very beautiful and wearing bikinis, a bit of a crowd was gathering). It was really sweet because I heard one lady who was out for a walk with her mum getting quite excited about the tents as they obviously reminded her of being a kid.

I think my all time favourite is Dunstanburgh beach, which has the whitest sand and is overlooked by the impressive castle. We went there quite a lot as children and it was always worth the long drive and bickering over marmite sandwiches.

For my boyfriend, I think it would be Beadnell, where he grew up. Him and his friends were all keen divers and spent their summers looking for lobsters and riding their push bikes off the pier and into the sea. This was a trick they even tried with a motorbike on one occasion, when the tide was out...needless to say this was many years before ‘elf and safety was even dreamed up.

I was right as rain by Monday so now I’ve got my fingers crossed that this weekend will be another corker.

Summer, nothing can beat it.

I AM not the only one in the wars this week, as my poor little horse has gone lame.

She doesn’t look massively bothered about this as it means no more hard work for her for a while. It hasn’t affected her appetite either. While I’m fretting over her leg she’s devouring apples and hay at the same light speed as always.

The treatment I received for my mystery illness amounted to half a box of paracetamol, which cost 16p.

Do you think my vet will charge something similar? Now come on, stop laughing...