Alison Goulding: ‘All you need is the internet and a bit of enthusiasm’

Manchester United's Ryan Giggs with son Zach.
Manchester United's Ryan Giggs with son Zach.
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I WOULDN’T want to be a guest at the next Giggs family get together.

It seems they are a right load of dirtbags.

First Ryan, then Rhodri, then Rhodri’s wife, whatsserface.

All shameless shaggers. Left, right and centre they’ve been spreading it around.

Everyone’s talking about it and I’m no exception. It brings me round to that time-old question, “Why do people cheat?’

It’s not the law to have a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, so if you like playing it free and easy then the world is your lobster.

And nowadays that’s easy to do – all you need is the internet and a bit of enthusiasm.

But why wear the mantle of a family man/woman when you’re secretly eyeing up the milkman or the new girl at work?

I suspect because it’s lucrative. The quick way of summing it up is having your cake and eating it, or in the case of Ryan Giggs, building up a load of valuable advertising contracts on the appearance of being a jolly nice bloke.

For Rhodri’s ‘wife’ Natasha it seems that the drama of the whole thing is like catnip. With her nose firmly out of joint over Imogen Thomas holding a place in Ryan’s affections (No, I can’t keep up either) she is spilling her guts all over the place and turning her marriage to Rhodri into an even bigger joke.

The lot of them should be grounded and have their pocket money stopped ... ooops, they’re not kids though are they?

Even more terrifyingly, with the exception of the Big Brother bird, they are parents.

How depressing. I’m sure their children will benefit greatly from headlines like “Giggs gave me £500 to abort his lovechild – then I married his brother” which will be readily available for years to come thanks to the web.

What hope have the poor little blighters got growing up around that kind of gubbins? I think the major reason people cheat is vanity – they love the thought of being irresistible and clandestine.

I think they even enjoy the guilt. It makes them God to have the happiness of others balanced on their secrets.

Of course, it’s a complicated world, and sometimes people genuinely fall in love with another, and there’s a bit of crossover.

But come on, it takes less than 10 seconds to say ‘I’ve met someone else’ if your head genuinely is turned and you intend on trading up.

It happens, and I think many of us would just rather know that’s the case rather than waste time.

I read an interview with Pamela Stephenson the other day – Billy Connolly’s other half.

She said she never asked him whether he was faithful and rambled on about it being more important to be ‘safe’.

Inferring it’s fine to cheat, but be a dear and use condoms. Is it too much just to expect him to keep the mouse in the house?

Each to their own, but I’d rather know and if I smelt a rat I certainly would ask.

They say if someone does the dirty on you there’s only one question: “Are you better off with them or without them?”

The answer is always down to the individual, but for me it would have to be without them.