Alison Goulding: 72 guilt-free spring rolls

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IT is amazing what you can find on the internet ...

No, not that ... I’m talking about the beauty of forums where you can find out simple things that will save you a great deal of money.

A week ago I was scratting around in the little tray in my car where I keep spare change – the one next to the cigarette lighter.

Feeling a bit knackered and in need of revival, I was optimistically trying to gather up enough money to buy a coffee, which I failed to do.

However, I did succeed in jamming a five pence piece in the cigarette lighter connection, blowing the fuse in the process.

Which was a bit of a problem, because that’s where my sat nav plugs in and charges up, and I’m lost without it.

I’d resigned myself to paying the garage £20 to fix it, but on a whim I decided to Google the problem – you never know.

And there it was, a long and detailed forum discussion started by a driver who’d done exactly the same thing.

Even better, all these kind, knowledgable people had given her detailed instructions on how to fix it.

So off I toddled, bought a new fuse, ripped the panel off the fuse box and replaced it. Hey presto, problem solved.

It cost me £2 and ten minutes to sort it out, and gave me an extreme feeling of pride, since anything like that usually sends me into meltdown.

If you ask me, the internet is a kind and beautiful thing.

Not only does it comfort you that there are equally stupid people out there – it enables you to blend away cock-ups with ease.

THE great weather continues and I, for one, am making the most of it.

London Lucie’s hen do was in full-flow on Friday and Saturday, and was a jolly affair.

After dinner and drinks the first night, I retired early for a luxury bubble bath in our swanky Leeds hotel.

At 4am London Lucie returned and jumped on the bed to wake me up, so we sat up for a good chat, and polished off the belated birthday cake I’d bought her.

After a lie-in and some breakfast in bed we all got together for a 40s makeup lesson, which involved daring eyeliner and my first ever successful attempt at putting on false eye lashes.

The lady who taught us was hard to miss – beautiful and glamorous with victory rolls in her hair and covered in some spectacular tattoos.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and my boyfriend and I headed out for a day of climbing at Kyloe. The sun was blissful and we had a great day as his friend Gary patiently taught us loads of new stuff and we put it into practice while working on our tans.

The feeling that comes from scuffing your arms to bits and making it to the top of the crag is like nothing else and the more I climb, the more I love it.

We didn’t want to go home, but the thought of a Chinese take-away took the sting out of it.

What’s better than a sport you enjoy which enables you to eat 72 spring rolls with no guilt? Count me in.

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