On your bike at city exhibition

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GET in the saddle for a sporting exhibition.

Racing Bikes is running at Monkwearmouth Station Museum until November 4.

The display explores the development of the sport from the introduction of the Victorian Ordinary bicycle – also know as the Penny Farthing –to the hi-tech super bikes of the 21st Century Olympic Games.

Jo Cunningham, manager of Sunderland Museums said: “It was so exciting to see our fantastic Team GB athletes excel at something so inherently British – cycle racing being the working man’s sport of choice since the first racing machines were ridden in Victorian times.

“With gold medals won by Sir Chris Hoy, Laura Trott and their sporting colleagues it is truly inspirational to us all – and in Racing Bikes you can see the fascinating story of how this sport has come to be what it is today.”

Racing on bikes emerged as a major spectator sport for the working classes in the 1870s and was only overtaken by football in the 1890s.

Although cycling was an expensive sport to take part in, it soon established itself as a popular spectator sport.