Will the North East see the first real snow of winter next week?

Snow could arrive in the region as early as the end of the week.
Snow could arrive in the region as early as the end of the week.
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It might be time to dust off the snow boots and sledges with up to two feet of snow is expected in in parts of the UK next week.

While the UK attempts recovery from days of rain and flooding, temperatures are forecast to drop this weekend to sub-zero, with showers expected to turn to snow in the north as early as Friday.

But before the white stuff arrives, heavy rain is forecast across the country over the next couple of days.

Frost and bitter winds are expected across the whole country with sub-zero overnight temperatures meaning potential danger from already wet roads freezing as well as snow falling on flooded ground.

According to the current Met Office forecast for the North East, temperatures will drop below zero from tomorrow, with a low of -2 throughout the night leading into Friday. The low temperatures are currently set to last into next week.

However, the wet weather will still be a problem for some - and the Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for Scotland and Northern Ireland for the rest of today and Thursday, with more than three inches of rain expected to fall.

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