VOTE: What is Sunderland's favourite breakfast?

What's your breakfast of choice?
What's your breakfast of choice?
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Cereal? Toast and jam? Or a good old fry-up?

Or perhaps it's none of these!

A survey has revealed that Sunderland's favourite brekkie is a delicious sausage stottie, drenched with tomato sauce!

The city differs to the rest of the North East in its AM preferences with the rest of the region plumping for brown sauce on their sought-after breakfast sandwich.

Research carried out by Travelodge has shown the top breakfast choices for locations across the UK - were you expecting Sunderland's first choice to be a sausage buttie with red?

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Three thousand Britons were quizzed as part of the survey - and 85% of people asked revealed that yes, they DO think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The average Mackem sits down to breakfast at 7.19am - with only half of the city eating the meal at home.

Maybe it's no surprise, but there is even a North South divide when it comes to breakfast choices.

While Northerners prefer a meaty breakfast, those living down South would rather have something lighter, and healthier.

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Scotland: White toast with scrambled eggs

North East: Sausage stottie with brown sauce

Yorkshire: Full English breakfast

North West: Bacon buttie with red sauce

Wales: Weetabix

West Midlands: Coffee

East Midlands: Frosties

East: Muesli or toast with jam

South East: Corn Flakes

London: Porridge

South West: Fruit salad