Thousands vote to crown best Mackem dancer of all time

Dave the Rave, Rachel and the Mackem Mover were in for your votes.
Dave the Rave, Rachel and the Mackem Mover were in for your votes.

The people have spoken - and we can now reveal who gets the title of the best Mackem dancer.

More than 3,000 of you voted in our online poll to crown the city's best dancer - and the winner was right out in front from the off. Check out the final result below - and see if your favourite came in first place!

Taking home 68% of the vote was your hero, Dave the Rave, who has been entertaining you on the streets of Sunderland for years.

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In second place was Rachel McCann Parkin (21%), who became an internet sensation over the weekend with her signature teddy bear rolls on the dance floor of Arizona nightclub.

Mackem Mover Steve Turner (10%) came in third place.

You had plenty to say about our top three. Here are some of your comments from social media:

Dominic Button: "Haway man is there even any competition? Dave the Rave."

Sharon Hall: "No contest Dave the Rave. He's was giving it large when I used to go to Bentley's. He's no harm to anyone and enjoying life to the max."

Amy L Barker: "Has to be Dave the Rave, been around years and don't think I've ever seen him stand still Even when his walking he's having a rave he deserves it really."

Dave the Rave came in first place.

Dave the Rave came in first place.

Julie Metcalf: "Got to be roll-around Rachel. Time for out with the old and in with the new, she is young and fun-loving and learned from the best."

Rachel Elizabeth Marshall: "Mackem Mover for skill, Dave the Rave for lolz, Rachel the Roller for positive attitude."

Cris Watson: "Hope the Mackem mover ... such joy when he beat the Geordie dancer!"

Paul David Barron: "Has to be Dave the Rave, he’s been dancing for years, not just a one hit wonder."

Sylvia Weetman: "Rachel should win, beautiful lady, fantastic dancer."

Michael Allison: "It can only be Dave he's being rockin' it for decades, a true legend."

Christine Dembry Metcalf: "Got to love you Rach and your teddy rolls but legend Dave the Rave gets the vote."