These are the top 20 best shop names in Britain

What's the best shop name you've ever seen?
What's the best shop name you've ever seen?
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Spruce Springclean, A Fish Called Rhondda and Sell-Fridges have all topped a list of the most bizarre business names in Britain - and one of our own is included in top 20.

Carpet cleaner Spruce Springclean took number one slot followed by the rib-tickling locksmith Surelock Homes and a wine bar called Planet of the Grapes. Houghton's own PG Trips tripped into the chart at number 20.

Four in 10 Brits believe a witty or memorable business name is more likely to make them use that company over a similar one.

The survey revealed that one in 10 people will remember a funny company name from more than a decade ago.

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Oliver Harcourt, UK head of Vistaprint, which carried out the research, said: "Small businesses around the UK are always finding clever and innovative ways to showcase their offerings.

"Having a creative business name is one example of how you can be more memorable to your customers and stand out from the crowd.

"Some of the shops from our poll are businesses that are generations old, showing that a catchy name can stand the test of time."

Elsewhere in the list of memorable shop names in the UK, a solicitors from Leamington Spa with the fortuitous name Wright-Hassall was sixth.

And Bonnie Tiler, the female-fronted tiling and plumbing company based in Gateshead also came in the top 10.

Sixin 10 respondents would prefer to see more businesses embrace a quirky name rather than just something that described the store or its owner.

And over a third are more likely to recommend a business with a witty name, compared to one with a more traditional moniker.

Two-thirds of Brits also said a quirky business name is so appealing because it makes them smile, and half reckon it makes the store easier to remember.

And despite the two not having any direct correlation, a quarter of respondents think they typically get better service from a shop with a great name.

Four in 10 Brits would like to live close to a shop with a funny name, and Brits believe hairdressers benefit from a witty name most, followed by pet stores.