Survey reveals Sunderland's spending habits this Christmas

How much will you spend this Christmas?
How much will you spend this Christmas?
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Shoppers in Sunderland will shell out more than £530 on this year's festive season.

Research carried out by Travelodge has revealed that shoppers in the city will part ways with £534.14 on presents, food and drink, decorations and travel this Christmas.

It is estimated that £16.5 million will be spent by Britons this yuletide, with the average spend across the UK at £614.96. Three thousands adults were questioned for the study.

In Sunderland, presents are estimated to be the biggest cost at £372.12. Food and drink on average will cost £92.22, decorations will total £38.01 and travel will cost £31.79.

Newcastle shoppers are estimated to spend a total of £722.51 - £188 more on average than Sunderland shoppers.

Of those surveyed, 65 per cent of local people said they will purchase the majority of their festive shopping in value brand store - but overall, people are spending more.

Shakila Ahmed. speaking for Travelodge, said: “Our 2015 Christmas spending report shows that consumer confidence is returning and it looks like being a Merry Christmas for the economy this year.

"We are also experiencing this festive cheer, with a double digit sales increase in room bookings from people taking shopping-themed city breaks and looking for a spare room to host visiting family and friends during the Christmas holidays.”

In 2014, the average spend was £464.14 - and this year, Scouse shoppers are splashing the cash the most. It is estimated that they will spend £804.36 on Christmas.

How much will you spend this Christmas?


Liverpool: £804.36

Wolverhampton: £795.96

Plymouth: £734.70

Birmingham: £733.68

Wrexham: £723.73

Newcastle £722.51

Brighton: £711.67

Leeds: £707.77

Bristol: £707.19

Oxford: £707.10


Glasglow: £383.12

Cardiff: £423.83

Stirling: £437.17

Sheffield: £455.69

Southampton: $488.01

Belfast: £492.97

Swansea:n £493.12

Bradford: £511.95

Dundee: £525.64