‘Sunderland’s own Mrs Doubtfire’ - readers show their love for viral Little Nana Iris

We love Little Nana Iris!
We love Little Nana Iris!

She’s one of Wearside’s rising stars, and you lot can’t get enough of her.

Iris Amos has taken Facebook by storm after her quick wit and sense of humour inspired her family to set up a Facebook page, Little Nana Iris, to chart her antics.

She may be 91, but she couldn’t be more full of life.

As thousands flock to her page, and YouTube channel, to see what she’s been up to we caught up with Little Nana Iris and her great-grandson Paul to see how they feel about her new-found fame.

Iris told the Echo: “If I’m making people happy, then I’m happy too.”

Here are some of your messages for Little Nana Iris from social media:

Monica Hodgson: “The videos are great to see. As we live in Australia. She is a star.”

Winnie Nesbitt: “Love Nana Iris she cheers me up a lovely woman.”

Lindsey Todd: “Love yer Nana Iris haha she’s so funny.”

Muriel Clarkson: “Aww little Nana Iris she’s simply the best.”

Lorraine French: “She’s our star love you Nana Iris.”

Veronica Urwin: “I love her she’s a scream reminds me of my nana with them stories.”

Isabelle Collinson: “She’s a topper always been lovely thoughs long as I can remember her.”

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Karyn Wheatley: “What a lady.”

Pauline Huntley: “Videos are so funny. Love her to bits ,she’s so funny.”

Jill Collins: “She’s class.”

Julie Richardson Mcguinness: “Haha love her all the world Little Nana Iris.”

Maria Bramley-O’Connor: “A little gem.”

Leanne Alexander: “She’s a lovely woman.”

Chip Carver: “She’s just mint love the bones off her.”

Allison Brown: “Love Nana Iris to bits she is one of kind.”

Angela Proudfoot: “She’s lovely isn’t she! I want to be like her when I’m her age.”

Janet Hornsey: “She makes my day. Love you Little Nana Iris.”

Wendy Taylor Thompson: “She is class .i want to adopt her.”

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Bernie Meah: “She is beautiful inside and out love her to bits.”

Sharon Phillips: “Well done nana iris making the papers.”

David Wilson: “Sunderland’s own Mrs Doubtfire.”

Brenda Wilson: “Love her videos so funny.”

Hayley Bell: “She is a lovely woman ... love Nana Iris!”

Donna Howe: “She is amazing.”