Fuel price rise pushes up cost of living

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The cost of living took another hike this week.

The cost of fuel has risen with unleaded petrol now at 111 pence per litre - 0.6 pence higher than it was seven days ago.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics also showed that the cost of diesel has risen week on week by 0.6 pence per litre, the cost at the pump now 112 pence per litre.

Despite the week-on-week rise, filling up your car is still more affordable than it was this time last year, with unleaded petrol 5.4 pence per litre cheaper and diesel 9.3 pence per litre cheaper than it was this week in 2015.

In an effort to help motorists get the best value fuel price tracking site Petrolprices.com has launched a mobile app on Android and iOS.

The mobile-friendly version of the site’s information allows users to see the cheapest filling stations near their location or on a planned route, as well as showing the nearest locations and prices at the user’s most-visited stations.