15 foods that taste amazing at Christmas time

What's your favourite food to eat at Christmas?
What's your favourite food to eat at Christmas?
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'Tis the season to get snacking - and we're looking at some of the tastiest food and drink that the Christmas season has to offer.

Whether it's something that only hits the shelves when the festive period rolls around, or something that makes Christmas extra special despite being available all year, we're looking at some of the most delicious snacks to enjoy throughout December.

Let us know your favourite things to feast on (food or drink) in Christmas week and we'll add them to our list!

1. Mince pies: We're starting with a classic. As soon as December 1 hits it's time for a mince pie and a cuppa. Whether you prefer a miniature pie, an icing-topped one or a classic bakers' own they just sum up the taste of Christmas. And we won't tell anyone if you have a sneaky one before the festive month arrives (we did).

2. Pigs in blankets: Sausages. Wrapped in bacon. What could be wrong about that? They are the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas roast, the best sneaky treat when no one is looking, and everyone's favourite thing on the buffet.

3. Terry's Chocolate Orange: We know these are available all year round. But do they really taste as good as they do when you get one in your stocking? Or when you're having a chocolate breakfast and/or supper on Christmas Day?

4. A boozy hot chocolate: Picture this. You're walking around your favourite festive market, snacking on a continental delight and supping on something sweet and warming. Whether it's a Bailey's spiked chocolate, or one with orange liqueur, it's the best time to enjoy the beverage in the company of your friends and family.

5. Mulled wine: After stretching your vocal chords at a local carol service or enjoying a spot of exercise on the ice rink, it's the perfect time for a mulled wine! With all that warming spice, it really does just taste of Christmas.

6. A turkey and cranberry sandwich: Christmas dinner is amazing, there is no disputing that. But we would argue that there's something just a little bit special about your leftover turkey sandwich. You can season it to your taste, add whatever trimmings you want and enjoy the roast bird for days on end. And let's not forget the inevitable turkey curry as the Christmas period draws to a close.

7. Chocolate log: Okay, we know you can get your hands on a chocolate Swiss roll all year round, but does it not just remind you of family buffets round at your grandma's house? A beautiful, nostalgic taste of winter. They fit the season so well.

8. Christmas cake: Packed full with fruit and filled with brandy, there is something so special about a rich and warming bite of cake, topped off with tart marzipan and sugary icing. Nothing compares. As you put the children to bed and wait for the arrival of Santa Claus, it would be rude not to have a slice or two!

9. Bucks Fizz: Popular on holidays and at brunches, we think this cocktail just screams Christmas morning. Will you be popping the cork on Friday?

10. "Proper" nuts in their shells: Forget the humble peanuts, crammed into bags (though we love those too) - Christmas is a time for luxury. So get out the nutcracker and follow the tradition - it only comes around once a year, after all.

11. Shortbread biscuits or butter cookies: Biscuits are an excellent choice throughout the year, but there is definitely something special about unwrapping a box of shortbread or Danish butter cookies on Christmas morning. Along with your chocolate orange, it's one of the best things to snack on before the big dinner is served.

12. Stuffing: Every Sunday across the country, thousands of roast dinners are served. But no one will disagree that the most special of all is the Christmas lunch - and there is an added pressure to make sure the bird, potatoes and trimmings are tastier than ever before. But let's just think about stuffing for a moment. It is a great part of any "proper" dinner that we take for granted. Could you imagine your lunch without it on December 25?

13. A cheeseboard and some crackers: However you wind down after a busy day of unwrapping, cooking and entertaining, why not do it with a cheese and cracker in your hand? There are few things more decadent, and enjoyable, when you finally stop for a sit down. Pair it with a glass of your favourite tipple too, and really just enjoy the season.

14. Celebrations, Quality Street, Roses or Miniature Heroes: It's impossible to have just one. And luckily, as it's Christmas, that's perfectly okay!

15. Smoked salmon: A popular choice for Christmas Day breakfast, along with your Bucks Fizz.

Merry Christmas!