11 phobias you might not have heard of

Are you scared of spiders? Picture: Press Association.
Are you scared of spiders? Picture: Press Association.
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You know that thing you didn’t think there was a name for? We’ve found it.

Everyone has something they’re deathly afraid of – even if they’re too scared to admit it.

And while we’ve all heard of people being scared of spiders, clowns and even the number 13, have you ever met anyone with a phobia of garlic, church sermons or otters?

Take a look at our collection of little-known phobias – and don’t forget to let us know if you suffer from one (or know someone who does).

Acerophobia – fear of sourness

Do you feel anxious and afraid at the thought of eating something sour like lemons or pickles? You might suffer from this.

Cainophobia or Cainotophobia – fear of newness or novelty

A persistent and abnormal fear of new things. If suffered mildly, the phobia can show in an unwillingness to try new things or break routine.

Consecotaleophobia – fear of chopsticks

It is thought that the most common reason for this fear is the difficulty in using the implements to eat.

Geniophobia – fear of chins

According to reports, this phobia, or physical aversion, is not as uncommon as you would think.

Homichlophobia – fear of fog

It is thought that this weather-related fear might be related to a past negative experience.

Lachanophobia – fear of vegetables

This can reportedly come from being forced to eat vegetables as a child.

Myxophobia or Blennophobia – fear of slime

Ever watch someone get slimed on the telly, or in a film? This could have been the starting point for you.

Omphalophobia – fear of belly buttons

This phobia extends to a fear of having your belly button touched.

Papaphobia – fear of the Pope

This is an irrational fear, depsite knowing there is no danger from the Pope, or a physical aversion to being near the Pope.

Ranidaphobia – fear of frogs

According to some, a frog can be seen as a bad omen, prompting this fear of the hopping creatures.

Verbophobia – fear of words

It is thought that there are a number of triggers for this phobia, including never being able to learn to read, or reading something unpleasant.