Nothing to be proud of

Someone give Tom Brown (Tidy up our city first) a medal of some sort or maybe a recommendation for an award in The New Year's Honours List or even Freedom of the City.

Friday, 23rd December 2016, 7:37 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 1:58 pm

Here is a man, who knows his city well and is not afraid to tell it how it is.

It is such a pity that the council leaders are not aware or refuse to admit the truth.

There again they alone have created the dump that is known as Sunderland City.

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Anyone, who has lived in this city for a number of years will know about the profligate waste of money the council has inflicted on the ratepayers – the Seaburn Fountain, the Ambit et al, so I will not bore you with the long list.

Even now in the midst of applying for the City of Culture Award the council, in cahoots with Carillion (now known as Siglion), is squirrelling away on your behalf to waste even more money on ridiculous projects such as the housing and shops development on land originally set aside for leisure at Seaburn: the new Wear crossing at Castletown, which will have little effect on congestion in the city centre and now the proposed Launch sculpture, which will have no relevance to the city or to the shipbuilders of yore.

Our city leaders have described it as ‘jaw-dropping’ and a ‘statement of ambition’ for Sunderland.

Jaw-dropping it may be but not in the way our leaders have described it, monstrous and irrelevant more like it.

How is it a ‘statement of ambition’? Who on earth dreams up these non-sensical statements?

If the people of Sunderland don’t want more of the same over the next 20 years, as promised, then re-think your voting strategies at the next local elections.

Forget your party politics or affiliations.

Don’t vote for a Labour candidate. After all look at what a Labour council has done to this city.

Give your children and your grandchildren the chance of a city to be proud of.

G Wilko