North East MEP backs new EU rules on internet advertising

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EURO MPs have voted to protect elderly, disabled and young consumers against suppliers who play on their vulnerability.

“It’s very easy for any of us to click through and buy something by mistake,” said North East MEP Stephen Hughes.

“But some internet sites make it far too easy for easy for vulnerable consumers to end up buying products because they were hooked in by clever advertising.”

After the vote at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, MEPs hope the European Commission will bring forward policies introducing the concept of the “vulnerable consumer” into the law-making moves for customer protection.

“Young people and children need stricter rules on aggressive or misleading internet TV advertising and online advertising,” said Mr Hughes.

“As the world of the internet and television is international, these restrictions have to be agreed at an international level.”

He added: “As newer marketing technologies become more widely used, people need protection.

“Regulation of online financial markets products is particularly important.

“Passengers with mobility problems need to be able to easily find out any problems before they buy tickets, and energy companies and telecoms companies need to be particularly careful when dealing with the elderly.”