No to extra Brexit restrictions

Ged Taylor raised a few points on Brexit. Allow me to respond to a couple.

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 3:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 3:01 am

He claims, we had a referendum on joining the EU in the 70s.

We didn’t! We had a referendum on joining the Common Market, the predecessor of the monster we see before us now.

Things have changed he says (too right), we are entitled to another referendum on leaving, he says.

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Why? Because the leave campaign told lies. They were ‘scaremongering’, he says.

And Remain weren’t, were they not?

What about all the ‘scaremongering’ and hot air that came from former Chancellor George Osborne and Mr Carney?

The country was headed for a recession, the pound would fall through the floor, oh woe is me! The end is nigh and all that rubbish. Has it happened? Nah!

Now we see that the EU wants to bar us from changing our clocks twice each year, instead remaining on BST (or will it be BST +1 to fall in line with the rest of Europe?) to help business in the East trade more easily with those in the West.

And not just us in the UK but our overseas territories too.

Are you old enough to remember when we experimented with British Standard Time in the 70s.

It wasn’t getting light until almost 10am each morning (later for Scotland).

Yes, it was lighter coming home from school each evening but not long enough to allow us to go outside and play after we’d finished our homework.

Does the USA have one time zone across the country to help business?

No, they understand that the sun rises later in some places than others.

We, in the UK will also have to agree to keep our tax regime the same as the EU’s to prevent us from stealing EU business.

Bonny lad, it’s a cut-throat world out there. Every man (or in this case country) for themselves.

Why do we need additional restrictions from the EU when we’ve enough of our own?

Make Britain (and Northern Ireland) great again.

Fred Browne