Nissan worker left in coma after taking ibuprofen

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A DAD who popped painkillers as he tried to get rid of flu-like symptoms was left in a coma after suffering from a severe and rare reaction.

Nissan production worker Jason Ryan was unconscious for nine days while his skin blistered and peeled away in sheets after he took ibuprofen.

The 28-year-old from The Drive, Washington, was suffering from Steven-Johnson Syndrome, which is believed to have been sparked by the tablets, which he had taken many times before without trouble.

The disorder, which has various triggers, affects just two people in a million and can be fatal if untreated.

Jason and wife Claire did not make the link when he began to develop a rash in May last year, starting on his legs and back before his feet began to come up in blisters “like tennis balls”.

Claire, mum to seven-year-old Brooke, called for an ambulance but was told to take Jason to the nearest walk-in centre, where they were sent straight to hospital.

Claire said: “Jason’s body looked like a horror show. Whenever he moved, more skin would fall off. He was screaming, it was so raw.

“Nobody could tell us what was happening because nobody knew.

“I would have preferred him to have had cancer because when I heard one in three die, I thought he had no chance.

“It was the worst time of my life.

“I kept thinking ‘What am I going to tell our daughter Brooke?’

“Jason is our world. It is a miracle he lived.”

Jason said: “All I remember is waking up with my body changed.

“I went to sleep weighing about 13st and woke up being about 9st.

“I couldn’t move my arms or legs, all I could move was my head.”

Jason is now recovering at home and the couple have been told by doctors that the rare condition could make a return.

Next month, Nissan will present £1,000 to a charity set up by a mum from Cambridgeshire who supported the family through their ordeal after her son suffered from the same condition.