Nissan Leaf beeped out in the UK

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DELIVERIES of Nissan’s revolutionary new car will be delayed – because it is too noisy.

Five hundred customers nationwide are awaiting delivery of the Leaf – the world’s first affordable electric family car.

But the new model’s arrival on UK forecourts has run into trouble over a warning to pedestrians when the vehicle is reversing.

A spokeswoman confirmed minor modifications would have to be made.

“An intermittent beeping noise is fitted as standard to commercial vehicles such as buses and lorries, but UK law states that the sound must be capable of being disabled between 11pm and 6am,” she said.

“The audible system on the Leaf did not allow for that to be done, so the beeping sound is being removed entirely before the cars can be driven on roads in this country.”

Nissan remains confident customers will receive their cars by the end of the month.

The firm will begin building the Leaf at its Sunderland plant in two years’ time.