Nintendo Switch: 8 things to know

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be available on the Switch.
Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be available on the Switch.
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With Nintendo’s brand new console the Switch due out at the beginning of March, a host of games have already been confirmed for the intriguing machine.

For those who haven’t already seen, the Switch is a “hybrid” console, allowing different modes of play with the main unit shaped like a tablet computer which can be used portably as-is, or connected to a television display through a detachable docking station.

In addition it can also be used in a tabletop form with its kickstand and is marketed primarily as a home console rather than a portable.

So, with the new box looking like it could make big waves in the gaming scene, here’s eight things you must know about it.

8) There are three ways to play: you can play it on your TV when the console is docked. You can play it in tabletop mode with the attached kickstand or as a portable device. You can put your own memory cards in and they will not be region locked.

7) Battery life: perhaps one of the biggest disappointments as Nintendo announced it would last between 2-6 hours depending on the game. Batteries are not removable so any problems and they will need to be manufacturer replaced.

6) The controllers: Released initially in three colours, grey, blue and red and feature gyro-motion and ‘HD rumble’ which Nintendo claims to be ‘surround sound for touch’.

5) Games: Launch titles include a new Zelda game which looks stunning, a Mario Kart 8 port with a true battle mode, 1-2 Switch, which uses the motion controllers and a few others while a new Mario game is also on the horizon.

4) Online: this will be free initially as a trial but then a paid for subscription thereafter. You can obviously play other people as well as download games and there will be a monthly free download of an old SNES or NES game - which you only get to play for the month and it will disappear.

3) Game hardware: the games are cartridges and are slightly bigger than the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS and the game box resembles the long, narrow PSP game box. Games will cost around £45.

2) Accessories: Pro controller, charging grips, docks, steering wheels and extra joy cons are a must for the serious Switch gamer but will set you back a fair few pounds as they don’t come cheap.

1) Tech and spec: The Switch will retail for £279.99 in the UK and for that you get the main Switch console, a dock, a pair of Joy-Con controllers (one left and one right), a Joy-Con grip (to connect the controllers together), wrist straps, and an HDMI cable and AC adapter. The Switch runs a Custom Nvidia Tegra CPU, Nvidia GPU and boast a 6.2in LCD touchscreen.