Nintendo Land: Wii U: Mini-games

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MINI-GAMES are what Nintendo has thrived on for years, with Wario and pals wowing the multiplayer masses.

Here, Nintendo Land opens the gates to a theme park featuring 12 different attractions, each with its own play on a familiar Nintendo franchise.

They all have their own quirky gameplay experiences made possible by the new Wii U controller, whether it be shooting down the baddies in a bout of Metroid Blast or getting strategic in the Pikmin challenge.

Single or multi-player action prove to be equally entertaining, which is a major achievement for the genre, and some attractions even offer dynamic multiplayer modes where the experiences change each time, depending on whether players are using the GamePad, holding a Wii Remote or just watching others play on the TV screen.

Overall, Nintendo Land acts as an early showcase of what the new console can do, presenting a brilliant glimpse of how Wii U can definitely shake up the current generation of hardware before the new kids hit the block.