Newcastle United praises Sunderland fans behaviour

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MAGPIES’ security chiefs have dismissed police reports of Sunderland fans causing damage at the Sports Direct Arena.

The football club has praised the behaviour of all fans at Sunday’s derby game – and said the level of damage at the stadium was lower than for a regular fixture.

Newcastle’s head of security, Steve Storey, said only one seat was damaged and a small number of ceiling tiles broken in the toilets.

He said: “With the exception of a very small number of incidents, fans from both clubs throughout the stadium were very well behaved before, during and after the game.

“The level of damage in the away area was low even for a regular fixture, let alone a highly-charged derby match.

“I commend the behaviour of all supporters at the game yesterday, including the vast majority of the 2,650 Sunderland fans who showed respect for the away area of the ground.”