Newcastle skipper Nolan escapes speeding conviction

Newcastle United's Kevin Nolan.
Newcastle United's Kevin Nolan.
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NEWCASTLE United captain Kevin Nolan escaped a speeding conviction after saying he could not remember who was driving.

The 28-year-old footballer (pictured) told magistrates he had no recollection of who was driving the Audi S8, which was allegedly caught doing 37mph in a 30mph zone in July.

Nolan told Bedlington Magistrates’ Court he could not remember if he was driving or if it had been another family member.

He added that the Audi was one of four cars he owns, which his family are also able to use.

He denied failing to supply information abut the identity of a driver of a vehicle allegedly involved in an offence.

On July 27, Nolan’s Audi was allegedly snapped speeding along Barrack Road, near St James’ Park.

He said he had no reason to be there as he was not training and added he had asked his family and they could not remember.

He also requested photos of the car in a bid to identify the driver.

Magistrates accepted his story and dismissed the case, saying he had exercise reasonable diligence.