New way to buy Metro tickets

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COMMUTERS can new renew their Metro season ticket when they pick up their Echo.

For the first time, season tickets are being sold at newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets and off licences thanks to a partnership between payments network Payzone UK and smart technology provider Ecebs.

Travellers can now buy season tickets using a Pop card in any shop with a Payzone terminal. The ticket is uploaded directly on to a Pop card at any Payzone point.

Nexus director of finance and resources John Fenwick said: “Payzone makes it even easier for our customers to pay for their Metro travel and have it uploaded straight on to a smartcard. It’s very simple and convenient.

“All you need is a Pop card, and you will be able to buy season tickets at your local newsagent or supermarket.

“There are 474 outlets across the North East selling Metro travel.”

The new service has been made possible by investment from the North East Smart Ticketing Initiative, a partnership of 12 local authorities, the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority and Nexus.