New trike to help boy with cerebral palsy + VIDEO

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LITTLE Jay Flynn may one day be able to walk, thanks to the kindness of his community.

The Washington four-year-old suffers from cerebral palsy, meaning his legs are not strong enough to support his body.

Ged Kirby with grandson Jay Flynn on his new trike

Ged Kirby with grandson Jay Flynn on his new trike

Specialists identified a type of tricycle that could potentially strengthen the muscles.

But there was one problem – it cost £1,250 and the family could not access any funding.

Fortunately for Jay, members of the Sunderland Wednesday Night Pool League, which include his grandfather Ged Kirby, decided to use the money they raised throughout the season to buy him the trike.

Ged, 55, said: “The pool league has a charity fund and they asked at Christmas if there was anything we needed. At the time there was nothing, but then when the specialist said about the trike, I asked them if they could help.

“A letter was sent to the league to ask if the money could be used for the trike and they said to buy it.

“Because he can’t walk, this trike will hopefully build his muscles up so he can support himself. It’s specially adapted for him. He can be strapped in so he doesn’t fall out.

“He’s delighted. He’ll be able to get out in the street a little bit now. It will enable him to feel that little bit more independent.

“I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the genorisity of these people.”

Steve Palmer, captain of Ged’s pool team at the Last Orders pub, in Red House, said he was delighted to have been able to help Jay.

“Ged’s a local lad, so we wanted to do something. We’ve just asked after every match in more than 20 pubs if people can put some money together to form a little charity.

“We wanted to donate it to something local.

“It’s absolutely excellent to have bought the trike. It’s been a great effort from all the pubs.

“It’s great to see someone so overwhelmed like that with the help we gave.”

Team mate Peter Develin, 49, said: “The team has to nominate who gets the money.

“Ged’s a good friend of ours and it seemed like a lot of money for them to pull out.”

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