New Super Luigi U: Wii U: Action: £29.99

New Super Luigi U.
New Super Luigi U.
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The man in green gives Mario a back seat here, starring in his own platform adventure, exclusively to the Wii U system.

Designed to test the capabilities of seasoned gamers and fans of the series, you must complete the “simple” act of travelling to the Goal Pole at the end of more than 80 courses.

They’ve been gloriously remixed with seemingly improbable jumps, formidably hidden Star Coins, and all with a time limit of only 100 seconds to do it in!

It’s a great action challenge and presents some seriously-tough asks on the later levels, but that’s all part of the colourful green plumber’s platforming appeal.

New characters such as the adorable Nabbit may also give a new generation of gamers an appropriate introduction to the world of Mario, Luigi and co, but hardcore gamers should still apply – it’s tougher than you think!