New party wants devolution for the North East

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Counting of Ballot forms
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A NEW political party has been launched which plans to fight for devolution from Westminster and more powers for the North East.

The North East Party (NEP) intends to contest 12 seats in the region at next year’s general election, and former Peterlee councillor Susan McDonnell is considering standing as a candidate.

NEP wants to take control of job creation, public services, including health and social care as well as education and public transport.

It also wants to ensure world-class science and research is carried out in the region.

Ms McDonnell – the party’s administrator – would be contesting the Easington seat which is occupied by Graeme Morris MP, after she narrowly missed out on a seat on Durham County Council last year.

The 49-year-old, who lives in Peterlee with her husband, said: “The purpose of the party is to bring is to bring political representation to the North East.

“We had a referendum on regional assembly and that failed because it was dressed up as another level of bureaucracy.

“What we aim to try and do is get true devolution for the North East so we are 
not beholden to Westminster.

“We would decide on the key issues that affect our region with our own government.

“It won’t be a separate country but we will have devolved power, so decisions that affect the North East will be made here in the North East by North East people.”

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