New crossing installed after concerns raised over safety of A183 in Sunderland

A new light controlled crossing has been installed on a busy stretch of the A183 after safety concerns were raised by residents.

Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 7:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 7:57 pm
Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport Councillor Debra Waller at the new light controlled crossing

Traffic surveys revealed concerns about the volume and speed of traffic approaching the pedestrian crossing on the A183 transport corridor through Grindon Mill at The Broadway, Chester Road.

Engineers then drew up proposals for alternative road safety measures - which included replacing the existing zebra crossing at the Grindon Lane junction with a light controlled Toucan crossing 40 metres away on a quieter stretch of road.

The positioning of the new crossing has better visibility for road users and better access for pedestrians and following an extensive public consultation the new crossing has now been installed.

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Councillor Debra Waller, Sunderland City Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, visited the site to inspect the crossing and a site for another proposed new light controlled crossing on the A183 Chester Road at Grindon Court.

Coun Waller said: "As a local ward councillor I was heavily involved in the consultation process around these proposals, and I'm delighted we're addressing our residents road safety concerns with these new crossings on a particularly busy stretch of road though their community.

"I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their views and opinions with us, there was a lot to consider when deciding what type of crossings and traffic management would be most appropriate and perhaps most importantly where to install them.

" We've listened to the needs of all road users, mototorists, cyclists, pedestrians, public transport users and local householders on where best to place things and this new crossing is part of the first phase of new road safety measures in Grindon Mill."

The second phase of proposals include another light controlled Toucan crossing to replace the existing uncontrolled pedestrian crossing on the A183 west of the Grindon Mill at the entrance to residential area Grindon Court, taking people across a busy stretch of dual carriageway.

The new proposals are due to be implemented in the Spring.

Local resident were asked for their views on other new, additional proposals at Grindon Court which include;

• Dropped kerbs and tactile paving for use by pedestrians and cyclists.

• Low energy traffic signal equipment with on-crossing, kerbside and vehicle detection.

• Central reservation to be widened and lane widths to be reduced.

• Road markings changed to suit the new crossing facility.

Coun Amy Wilson, cabinet member for environment and transport, said: "The feedback we were getting during the public consultation at Grindon Mill was that people living in the west of the community, were also worried about getting safely across such a busy stretch of road.

"In particular there were concerns about the existing uncontrolled crossing point at Grindon Court which motorists and other road users felt was inadequate given the high volume of traffic there, and increasing number of pedestrians and cyclists needing to cross there daily as part of their journeys.

“We believe a light controlled crossing with dropped kerbs and blister paving is the best option. It gives motorists more certainty as they can see the lights as they approach, and more re-assurance to other road users that it’s safe and they have time to cross while the lights are on red.

“The new proposals at Grindon Court, due to be implemented Spring 2019, would also support the future needs of those living and driving to any new housing developments in the area.”