New Asbo for ‘The Shuffler’

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A NUISANCE neighbour has been given a new order in a bid to curb his drunken antics.

Paul Blakelock, known as “The Shuffler” for his distinctive walk, was given his first order in 2006 after causing havoc in his home village of Murton.

Now the 28-year-old has been served with a new order as he prepares to leave custody after a 15- month sentence passed in June for assaulting another man in Seaham.

The yob this week applied for the new order to be varied at Durham Crown Court after it was approved late last year.

It had been due to run indefinitely, but Judge Christopher Prince agreed it could be amended after an appeal by Blakelock.

A condition stating he could not enter people’s gardens and sheds has now been lifted and remaining restrictions will now last for five years.

Graham Duff, who represented Durham Constabulary, said of his recent behaviour: “Unfortunately it seems to be escalating in terms of seriousness and it’s moved away from that sort of low-level behaviour that was perhaps manifesting itself.”

After the case, Murton beat bobby Pc Keith Bowmaker said: “This new order will reassure to the community action will be taken over any bad behaviour from Paul.

“We also hope it will encourage Paul to improve his behaviour.”

Under the order, Blakelock must not be under the influence of drink or drugs or cause disorder in a public place, harass, intimidate, assault or abuse others, damage or take property belonging to others except with their permission or encourage others to commit acts covered by his own prohibitions.

Blakelock is a well-known character in and around Seaham and Murton. A drug addict since his early teens, he has been banned from many shops and premises because of trouble and has a string of convictions for minor offences.

Before his conviction for the latest assault, he had been given another 15-month sentence for assaulting a Dawdon man as he walked home from a charity event in January 2008.

Blakelock had been on a drinking spree after he had been released from custody for another attack and a breach of his Asbo, with the assault leaving his victim with slash wounds and a severed artery.