New app tool for employees

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INNOVATIVE online tools to help people new to the North East find employment, have been produced by Sunderland University.

The university’s Centre for Research into the Experience Economy has completed a two-year project into how to match the skills of EU migrant workers and local employers.

The £1.4million project found that many migrants are happy to stay in the North East, but feel they have few links with regional employers.

To help, the university has created information on websites and a mobile phone application.

Professor Kevin Hannam said: “This study raises important questions about our perceptions of migrant students and highlights the potential benefits that improved support structures for migrants might bring to efforts to raise the skills level of the economy.

“In this context, the research illustrates the usability of the EmployMeE mobile app, which we developed to support migrant students into the local labour market to meet regional skills needs.

“Everyone who took part in the research wanted to have the mobile app and 100 per cent approval is a great indicator that it answers a real demand.”