New £100million Sunderland bridge plans spark mixed reaction

Artist's impression of the new Wear Crossing.
Artist's impression of the new Wear Crossing.
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PLANS for Sunderland’s £100million-plus new bridge have been given the thumbs up by the Wearside public – mostly.

The Echo revealed yesterday that council bosses have penned a deal with a developer and work is due to start within weeks.

Excellent news. Great project for our amateur photographers too.

Pam Bolden

The new Wear Crossing will link Wessington Way to Pallion.

The news sparked a host of comments on the Echo’s Facebook page, many of them positive – but not all.

Leanne Askew wrote: “Not a bad location – means it will be easier for people to get to the desired shops from Pallion retail, Wessington retail and Sainsburys.”

The bridge design got the seal of approval. Fred Smith wrote: “ I think it’s great,”, while Pam Bolden said: “Excellent news. Great project for our amateur photographers too.”

Barbara Clark was concerned there was still more capacity needed to reduce congestion around the city centre.

“The bridge is much needed, but could have been put nearer the town centre, as Wearmouth bridge is not sufficient for the amount of traffic through the centre,” she said.

“Look at other cities – how many bridges do they have to alleviate congestion? Gateshead and Newcastle have God knows how many.”

Trevor Byrne was less than impressed with the plan: “Utterly pointless location” he wrote. “We would’ve benefited more with a footbridge to the Stadium of Light! An utter waste of public money.”

His comments were echoed by Robin Welsh, who wrote: “Just what you need – a bridge between Pallion and Monkwearmouth”

However Jamie Fulton saw no problem with the chosen site: “Looks good. It would ease congestion on the other bridges, so there’s no reason why the location should be a problem for people.”

Not everybody was convinced spending more than £100million on a new bridge was the best possible use of public money, however.

Andy Lightburn said: “Spend the money on cheap affordable housing for young families,” while Sophie Mary Cairns added: “They should start putting money to things that need it, instead of bridges we’ve coped without.”