Neighbour’s call alerts fire crews to flat blaze

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A QUICK-THINKING neighbour sparked fire crews into action after a flat blaze in Washington.

A female occupant had left food cooking on a pan and had then fallen asleep while at home at the first floor property.

The pan set alight - but a neighbour heard her smoke alarm sound and called 999.

The 27-year-old woman had already put out the pan fire when two crews from Washington Fire Station arrived at the flat on Wellington Walk at 9.30pm last night.

The kitchen was smoke logged but the fire was put out before it could spread.

Crews used a positive pressure ventilation fan to ventilate the property.

The occupant did not require hospital treatment.

Les Tough, Watch Commander at the station, said the fire shows the importance of having a working smoking alarm - and also highlights the dangers of leaving fioof unattended while it is cooking.