Mystery surrounds why Sunderland man died after 14-hour birthday drinking session

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A GRIEVING family are still without answers after the death of a 28-year-old man.

Sean Robert Lamb never woke up after going to sleep at a friend’s house following a 14-hour drinking session on his birthday.

But an inquest into his death failed to shed any light on how he died.

A toxicologist told the hearing in Sunderland that small amounts of medication could not have killed Mr Lamb, who died in May.

Tests found Mr Lamb, from Townsend Road, Thorney Close, had the equivalent of about one to two tablets of dihydrocoedine in his body.

Although he had not been prescribed the painkiller, Dr Stephen Morley said it was found in some over-the-counter medications.

Tests also revealed alcohol levels in his blood were well below fatal amounts.

Dr Morley said: “There will be thousands of young people across the country who are not going to come to harm from these levels, but I can’t entirely exclude that there has been some contribution.”

Samples of Mr Lamb’s blood and urine were tested in the UK, before being sent to Paris in France for further tests.

His family told the inquest in Doxford Park that he had smoked cannabis in the days before his death.

But the investigations showed no evidence of this.

Dr Morley said that he carried out a total of 15 tests on the samples, adding: “I would suggest that the reports I have done are as good as you are going to get in the UK.

“There is a high alcohol reading but I don’t think that, on the balance of probabilities, has been the primary mechanism of death.”

Pathologist Dr Mona Jain said it was impossible to say at what time Mr Lamb had died.

She added that there did not appear to be any problems with his heart and there was no evidence he had choked or suffocated.

Coroner Derek Winter said the cause of death was unascertained.

Verdict: Open.

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