My silence is not inactivity over projected Seaburn development

I would like to thank Frank Hunter for his topical letter of November 22.

Friday, 30th November 2018, 8:55 am
Updated Friday, 30th November 2018, 9:00 am

He seems to think that planning permission has been granted for the Seaburn development.

This is outline planning permission for the site, not full planning permission, which has not been applied for yet.

Contrary to what he thinks planning decisions are not made on wishes but on hard facts and planning law and must be made on this basis.

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As a member on the planning committee along with my colleague Coun Francis I must vote objectively.

The outline planning permission was voted for under the above guidelines.

I could not engage with any groups who have an interest in the site as I must be seen to be impartial – ie not in anyone’s camp.

This position did not prevent me from working in council to try to prevent or mitigate the effects of development, which I have done as a Fulwell resident.

I live very close to this PROJECTED development and as a resident oppose it. Nothing has changed there!

Since my resignation from planning I have continued to oppose the plans but my written opposition can’t be made until planning permission is sought. Others may huff and puff but, as always, I quietly build up a dossier of evidence which may or may not sway the decision. One thing for certain is that I will continue to oppose the development. Do not take my silence as inactivity.

If Frank does live in Seaburn he will know that I am constantly available to talk and I knock on doors around the ward to get opinions throughout the year not just at election times.

I am by far the most visible councillor in this ward and can be readily contacted by several means.

He will see results of my work in the ward every time he leaves his home.

I believe in action not words and so I do what I can in the ward.

Coun Margaret Beck

Fulwell Ward