Mum saw son killed in horror motorcycle crash

Michael Gordon with his mum Carol.
Michael Gordon with his mum Carol.
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A MUM today told how she screamed out in terror as she saw her own son killed in a motorbike smash.

Carol Gordon watched in horror as son Michael, 22, was thrown from his Yamaha bike during a road accident in Pallion, Sunderland.

Struggling to come to terms with her loss, the 49-year-old mum-of-six said she has returned to the spot where Michael, also known as Micky, was killed every day since his death last Thursday.

She said: “I’m round where the flowers have been left at the lamppost every day and I can’t handle it, it’s cutting us all up.

“I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten, I haven’t done anything since Thursday morning.

“I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Carol, of Pallion, was watching her son riding along Oxford Street when the fatal collision took place just before 9am.

Police are investigating the exact circumstances of the tragedy.

Michael’s brother, Stuart, 21, heard his mum’s screams for help and ran to the road where he saw his brother lying on the ground.

“I heard my mum screaming and I jumped out of the window and ran outside.

“I saw the bike and just ran up without any shoes or socks on,” he said.

“I froze for about five seconds and didn’t know what to do. I saw the bike on his legs and stood it up against the wall.

“I checked him for a pulse and started to do CPR but I couldn’t get a pulse and I knew when I looked at him he was gone.

“It’s hard because I couldn’t revive him.”

Despite the best efforts of his brother, Michael was pronounced dead at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Carol today described her son, who enjoyed boxing and motorbikes, as a joker and a “true lad”.

“He was brilliant and nothing scared him. We always said he had nine lives because he was always getting into scrapes.

“I’ll always remember him laughing because he was the biggest joker of the pack.

“He was just starting to be a mechanic and was getting his life back on track.”