Mum’s weight-loss challenge after adults mocked children about her weight

Slimmer Lisa Haycocks
Slimmer Lisa Haycocks
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A mum-of-three whose children were mocked over her weight has beaten the bullies to lose more than five stone.

Lisa Haycocks’ children were playing near their home in Barmston, Washington, when parents of other children made cruel comments about her weight.

Lisa after her weight loss

Lisa after her weight loss

The 35-year-old recalls: “Comments made to my children by adults regarding my weight were absolutely horrifying. This played on my mind for the next few weeks and my confidence, which was already low, became almost nonexistent.”

At that time Lisa weighed 14st 10lbs and was a dress size 18-20, and was so distressed by the remarks she decided to go and see her GP about her weight.

“It was horrible to see my children so upset,” she said. “I attended a new patient check-up at the doctor’s a few weeks later and when the nurse offered me a twelve-week referral to a slimming group, I jumped at the chance.”

Lisa, who is mum to Chloe, 14, Dylan, 13 and Alex, 11, says going to her first Slimming World class at Glebe Methodist Church was the most difficult part.

Lisa before her weight loss

Lisa before her weight loss

“The first time I walked in my heart was in my mouth,” she recalls. “But it actually wasn’t what I was expecting, everyone was chatting and having a laugh.”

In her first week, Lisa lost four-and-a-half pounds, which spurred her on to lose more.

She said: “I’m a really fussy eater, so part of me hadn’t believed that it would be possible to eat healthy and still lose weight, however, that first week I ate well, was never hungry and still lost weight.

“What was amazing was the fact that I could cook a full meal from scratch without a jar or packet in sight and enjoy what I was eating. I tried new foods and found things I liked that I would not have tried before.”

In 11 months, Lisa reached 9st 8lbs and is a dress size 10-12. She’s maintained that weight since August 2014, and is now hoping to help others on their weight loss journey

So much so, she’s just started her own branch of Slimming World classes in Washington.

“I want to do for other people what my consultant, Lynne Pittiglio, did for me. I was a hermit before and only left the house to visit my dad, do the shopping and the school run. Now I do karate and I’m a completely different woman to the one that used to hide in the house and avoid socialising.”

•Lisa’s group is on Tuesdays at 7.30pm at St Michael and All Angels Church, in Manor Road, Sulgrave, Washington. For details contact Lisa on 07715 948617 or visit

Lisa’s food diary before

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: nothing

Tea: chips and chicken Kiev

Snacks: crisps and chocolate

Lisa’s food diary afterwards

Breakfast: fruit

Lunch: ham and beetroot salad

Tea: spaghetti bolognese or stir fry

Snacks: diet yoghurts or Slimming World snack bars