MS sufferer died after operations

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A WOMAN died after she suffered complications following surgery.

Jeanette Dyer was admitted to A&E at University Hospital of North Durham with abdominal cramps, bowel problems and a fast heart rate.

An inquest was told the 49-year-old, from Pesspool Avenue, Haswell, suffered from multiple sclerosis and had a scar after a Caesarean section.

After she was admitted last May, medics found a worrying level of fluid in her abdomen and it was discovered that part of her small bowel had become stuck to scar tissue, causing it to die off.

Surgeons removed the damaged tissue and joined the healthy parts of the organ together.

But Mrs Dyer then suffered heart rate problems and was given drugs to help the flow of blood around her body, being moved to intensive care on several occasions as her condition deteriorated.

She had to be put on to a ventilator, and other operations were carried out to establish why she was so unwell.

However, she died on June 5 last year from a peritoneal haemorrhage.

Deputy coroner Brenda Davidson said the surgery was essential in an effort to help Mrs Dyer.

Verdict: died as a consequence of necessary medical intervention.