MP slams ‘attack on worker rights’

Stephen Hepburn
Stephen Hepburn
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Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn has criticised Government plans to make striking workers identify themselves by name to police.

Under these proposals workers joining a picket could be made to hand their names over to the authorities, together with a letter of authorisation, while also being required to wear an armband.

Mr Hepburn called these plans “an attack on workers rights” and has joined with trades Unions and human rights organisations in denouncing the proposals as “undemocratic”.

He said: “These plans – and the Trade Union Bill as a whole – is an utterly blatant attempt by the Tories to roll back workers’ rights in this country. They are seeking to curb the right to organise collectively in the interests of protecting working standards. This is a basic right.

“This government has the temerity to pose as the party of the workers when they are setting out their stall to destroy trade union rights in this country that were hard fought for.

“That is why I will be opposing this rotten bill tooth and nail in the Commons.”