MP happy to be brought to book

Primary school youngsters were joined by their MP in promoting the benefits of getting stuck into a good book.

Children at Hetton Primary School were joined by Fraser Kemp, MP for Houghton and Washington East, to back the international campaign – The Big Read.

The Big Read is held throughout the world to highlight the plight of 75million children who are denied an education.

Organisations are urged to hold reading events and invite people along to support them, read and write stories and send letters of support to their Prime Ministers.

This year Hetton Primary School in Moorsley Road invited Mr Kemp along to join in their Big Read assembly.

Carol Longstaff, a teacher at the school, said: "There are 75million children who do not have access to education.

"This can be from lots of reasons such as famine, poverty and war."

She said the youngsters all signed their names on a poster of 10 Downing Street to remind world leaders of their pledge to give every child in the world an education.

Mr Kemp said: "I was delighted to be able to take part in The Big Read at Hetton Primary School, part of the Global Campaign for Education's Action Week.

"We know that education allows people to develop their potential to the full, but one in five people around the world cannot read and there are a billion illiterate people in the world.

"Everyone can and should be given the chance of a good quality, free, public education and that is why I am happy to support this campaign."

During his visit to the Hetton school Mr Kemp addressed the assembly and read to the children.

Mrs Longstaff said: "Mr Kemp also told us all about his role as am MP and presented members of the school council with their certificates."