MP backs hard-hit motorists

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AN MP has taken up the cause of motorists who are feeling the pinch at the pumps.

 Grahame Morris has written to the Secretary of State for transport Philip Hammond to question him on claims the cost of running a car has fallen.

 The Easington MP has received a number of letters from residents expressing their concerns, which he has taken to the Government.

 A letter has since been sent out to MPs from Treasury economic secretary Justine Greening which states the Government is considering a “fair fuel stabiliser” and is assessing a report looking into the affect of the increase in costs on the public.

 Mr Hammond said in the House of Commons at the end of January the cost of motoring has gone down by 7 per cent between 1997 and 2010.

 Mr Morris has expressed surprise at his answer and has asked for further clarification.

 He wrote: “I have received a number of inquiries from constituents regarding your answer.”