Mother died after birth

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A MOTHER died weeks after giving birth at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Polish national Olga Sito suffered multiple organ failure, after complications following the birth of her son.

The 26-year-old underwent a Caesarean section after being rushed into hospital with suspected pneumonia in January last year, about two weeks before she was due to give birth.

She then began bleeding so heavily she needed 19 units of blood. Doctors were forced to carry out a hysterectomy on February 17.

Mrs Sito, who was living in Easington Lane, died in hospital six days later.

She left husband Daniel, newborn son Marcel and an older daughter.

Mr Sito, who has since returned to Poland, told an inquest in Sunderland that his wife seemed to be doing well.

Speaking through an interpreter, he said: “She was kept in the hospital because there was a blood infection, which was not the original cause of her being admitted into hospital.

“So why was she kept in the hospital when initially she was better? Doctors started coming over to her and asking what the cause of the infection was.”

The court heard that it was the most complex case many of the medics involved had dealt with.

Home Office Pathologist Dr Jennifer Bolton said just seven women had died during or shortly after pregnancy in the north of England in 2011.

Tests carried out after the mother-of-two’s death revealed she had a rare condition which caused her to bleed heavily after giving birth.

She also suffered from juvenile arthritis, the symptoms of which can be similar to an infection.

Dr Bolton added that there was some infection present, but the source was not clear and that the surgery could have triggered a bleed, but was not the cause.

Consultant obstetrician Mr Simon Steel said: “This was a very complicated case, the like of which I have not come across before.

“I did not really know or understand why she had the bleeding that she had at the time of the operation, and I was obviously saddened by how events turned out.”

Verdict: natural causes

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