Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour: iPhone/iPad: Shooter

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FROM Hawaii to Barcelona, Modern Combat 4 throws you into the kind of all-action bullet-fest scenarios that have made this handheld series so popular among gamers brought up on a diet of Modern Warfare on the big-hitting living room consoles.

With unabated gunfire, foul language and marine-corps masculinity, those of you with itchy trigger (or should that be screen-tapper) fingers will find much to entertain you when the Christmas film repeats just don’t cut it any more.

However, there are too many bugs and in-game glitches that stop Zero Hour from rising above the parapet of average military shooters on iOS.

And, when you consider you’ll need to pay a pretty penny to get this on to your iPhone or iPad desktop versus the “average” app, you might well be left feeling a little short-changed.

It does look great, and delivers a commendable multiplayer mode with a hell of a lot of content to get your teeth into, but this occasional brilliance is sadly blighted by all-too-frequent frustration in the many set-piece fracas you’ll engage in.