Mixed reaction to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s planned Sunderland visit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s first visit to Sunderland has been met with a mixed reaciton.

The new man at Labour’s helm will speak at a meeting in the city centre on Thursday, November 26.

I’m delighted I’m making my first visit to the North East as Leader next week.

Jeremy Corbyn

Doors will open at 6.30pm, with the “informal” event starting at 7pm.

The meeting is open to Labour Party members only at present. The venue is not being disclosed, with party members informed only once they have registered by email.

“One the best things about the leadership election campaign this summer was getting out of Westminster and travelling across the UK, to talk to members about the political challenges we face,” said Mr Corbyn.

“Since becoming leader of the Party, I’ve been determined to carry on visiting all parts of the country to listen to members’ views.

“I’m looking forward to meeting more members from local parties.”

News of the visit sparked plenty of comment – for and against – on the Echo’s Facebook page.

Catherine Meddes said: “Labour using the North East to raise their profiles and get more Labour seats.

“When will people learn – Labour has done nothing for the North East.”

Charlie Kostromin added: “Time to show Corbyn and Labour we in the North East are not puppets and certainly not stupid enough to fall for their hype and falsehoods ever again.”

However, Christopher Nicholas wrote: “Everyone slagging him off should take a closer look at his policies and hopes for the future of the UK. They’d benefit the majority of the people in our area.

“As for calling him spineless or useless in the face of IS. What exactly has dropping bombs on the Middle East done for us other than to make the world a far more dangerous place?”

Benj Eckford has already booked his place: “The working class people of Sunderland need someone who actually cares about them.

“You think David Cameron cares about us?

“Does he hell. Jez is the man for me.”