Miss Sunderland Megan aims for glory in Miss Great Britain contest

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A beauty therapist says she is going for glory in a Miss Great Britain contest after winning a regional round of the competition.

Megan Brennan, 22, is set to compete in the final of the popular beauty contest.

She was named Miss Sunderland last month following a hotly contested regional competition at Gateshead’s Hilton Hotel and has undertaken a number of charity events ahead of the final.

Former Jarrow School pupil Megan now says she is looking forward to the final, which takes place on Friday.

“I’ve done things like this before and I suppose every time the whole experience comes back to you,” said Megan, who works at Shea Hair and Beauty Salon, in Hebburn.

“It was so nerve wracking being up on stage doing the swimwear, evening wear and interview rounds but I felt like I’d done OK because they’d given me the Miss Charity additional award.

“I was totally shocked when they said I’d been named Miss Sunderland though.

“I did feel confident, but I didn’t expect to win at all.”

Since winning the regional round, Megan has been hard at working preparing for the final.

“I’ve done a few fundraising events including sponsored dog walking and car boot sales,” she added.

“It’s a lot of work as well as sorting out the outfits I’ll have to wear on the night.

“In the final there’s a dance routing as well which we’ve all learned, so that’s something new for me as well.”

The final of Miss Great Britain is being held at the Athena entertainment venue in Leicester on Friday, where Megan will have boyfriend Danny, 24, mum Margaret, and dad Paul, both 43, and grandmother Val cheering her on.

“I’m going to try my best,” said Megan, who’s from Jarrow.

“Thinking you won’t win is not the right attitude to have for something like this, but obviously it’s going to be tough with 49 other girls involved.

“If I win, then it’s a bonus, but I would like to think I have a good a chance as anybody.”

Megan’s final charity event before the final took place last night at Mariners Park, starting at 6.30pm, with proceeds going to Global’s Make Some Noise campaign and Lamp.

For ticket information for the final or any enquiries email info@missgreatbritain.co.uk.