Is Middlesbrough really a step up? Sunderland fans react after Paddy McNair bid accepted

Paddy McNair could be the first high-profile player to leave Sunderland this summer after a bid was accepted from Championship neighbours Middlesbrough.

Monday, 18th June 2018, 4:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 2:38 pm
Paddy McNair in action for Sunderland.

Sunderland’s squad will undergo major surgery over the coming weeks as the club prepares for life in League One and McNair has attracted interest from Brighton and Boro.

Here’s a selection of comments from Sunderland fans made on our website and social media.

1 I really don’t care about anyone who doesn’t want to be at my club. Clear them out, clear them all out, then maybe we can have a decent team, playing with pride, in our famous Red & White shirts once again - John Pountney.

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2 Once a players head is turned by friends, agents or international manager then it’s time to get rid. Good luck to his future as Paddy McNair seemed to be one of a handful that gave his all last season - Gavin Shaw.

3 We’ve got our money back at least what we paid for him and let’s not forget he hasn’t exactly played a lot of football for the club due to injuries. I’m not upset to see any of these players leave, they’ve played a part in successive relegations - Dean Cummings.

4 Strange, obviously don’t fancy him. Doesn’t appear much effort to keep him - Joe Graham.

5 McWaste of space just get rid of the lot Stewart they are not committed, Middlesbrough is all he deserves - John Nesbitt.

6 The modern day footballer, mainly thanks to agents, has the loyalty and gratitude-span of a fly on a cowpat - Stephen Hubber.

7 I think it’s probably for the best for us, but is Boro really a step up for him? After all, we could be in the same division in nine months. I find it a strange move for McNair to be honest. Where is the fight and sense of challenge in footballers these days? - Ian Smith.

8 No point in keeping players at club if not happy will just end up like Rodwell - Stewart Graham.

9 Sad but if he wants to go, get the best deal with add ons if possible - Barry Marshall.

10 It’s simple. He does not want to play for Sunderland in League One. The owner is getting the best price for him from the bids received. He is one of the highest earners to get off the wage bill and he has a poor injury record. Great business for SAFC, well done, I hope the deal goes through quickly before he is injured again - Richard Ogden.

11 First thing - if the player doesn’t want to be here then get rid so Donald IS DOING what’s best for the club. Second thing - Premier League teams bids weren’t as large as Boro’s. So from the club’s point of view they are getting more money for - and let’s face it - an injury prone player - Andy Slater.

Meanwhile, Sunderland fans also tweeted us their views and left them on our SAFC Facebook page.Michael Corker @MBCorker: Not a penny spent of our “large budget” and our best player sold for £5million. All the talk of building a team around Paddy and having a evaluation that you thought nobody would meet.

Ros Holden @roslawley: Any idea on fee. Doesn’t make sense if only getting £5m.

Christopher Scott @ciffa17: I hope it’s more than £5million but this was inevitable after his end to the season.

Gazza @gbtopdad42: Hope its quite a substantial amount with add ons, gutted but we move on.

Tyler Graham @mackemty: He’s our best player...don’t understand why you sell your best players, we don’t need young players we need to improve the first team before we buy for the future, keep the better players and add to that.

Scott Jones @scottyj89: He played 16 games out of 46!!!! Not hard to be our best player last season, 80% of them didn’t even wanna be there! We’re getting slightly more then we paid. Bye Paddy good luck!

David Anderson: Would be alright if we got Grant Leadbitter in part ex!! Graham Cotton: Correct Stu, count how many games played since joining.

Richard Atkinson: Looks like we are going down again, getting rid of good young players, we will go that far down we will fall out of the football echo.

Peter McGee: Hope it’s about £7.5m and not closer to £5m. Peter West: Money plus Leadbitter, that’s what I would ask for.

Pat Ross: Championship? When Premier League teams want him? Boro will have to pay a Rodwell-size wage.