MicroMiners: iPhone: Puzzle

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MICROMINERS is not your average iOS puzzler.

With a kooky retro look and a wicked sense of humour, this digging frenzy presents gamers with a crazy combination of Lemmings and Where’s My Water as you must burrow your way through dozens of vertically scrolling levels, mining the mineral and gold deposits as you delve ever deeper.

Miss three deposits on your way down and you’ll die.

Similarly, make sure you use the right colour MicroMiner to tackle the coal, silver and gold deposits or they’ll also meet their maker.

Played at an increasingly frenetic pace, helpful tutorial videos on tricky levels walk you through new tunnelling techniques to maximise the effectiveness of your little troops, usually signalling an increase in difficulty.

And that’s why MicroMiners is so fantastic. There’s always another challenge, unwanted underground enemy, or additional tool to help you around the corner, which keeps you coming back for more.

Nothing quite compares to this crazy mining mayhem right now, so don’t miss out.